About Us


Sheri Wilson, Creative Business Consultant + Disruptive Marketer

When I was nine, I told my grandfather that I wanted to work for him. He owned Linda's Donuts in Belmont, Massachusetts at the time, back before there was a coffee shop on every third corner.  I clearly remember weekend customer lines that started at our front counter, and backed up out the door continuing around the corner and down Worcester Street for 15-20 patrons.  Those "rushes" could last 3-4 hours. During that time, the donuts and muffins flew off the racks at an astounding clip; dozen after dozen, box after box.  The baker kept them coming out, one huge tray after another.  And this was after many local churches and other groups had picked up their coffee hour treats in quantities by the gross.  

I was fascinated with the way my grandfather knew every regular's name, how he would seamlessly transition from waiting on a customer with a big smile and gracious nod to direct a delivery man where to bring which boxes of the endless supplies needed to keep up the unrelenting pace. I was captivated by the myriad of different things he knew, and most amazing to me was that he inherently understood this, and seemed quietly delighted to teach me.

And so I began my illustrious career by scoring and assembling donut boxes (I could make 12-13 per minute).  I spent the better part of the next 9 years learning everything I could about this and subsequently two other small family businesses.  My age didn't seem to matter - only my level of ability did - and I excelled in the environment.


Cross-industry + end-to-end business expertise

In the action-packed years since this unconventional childhood, I've helped dozens of companies from start-ups to impressively successful international corporations grow, scale, reorganize, improve, innovate, rebrand, market, and celebrate their wins. 

  • Boston Scientific Corporation [medical instrumentation]
  • Coffee Cafe [restaurant]
  • Dragon Systems [speech recognition software]
  • H.G. Protze [engineering]
  • Linda's Donuts [donut shop + restaurant]
  • Lunch Box [restaurant]
  • MDRS [dispute resolution law firm]
  • Prime Selection [executive placement firm]
  • Sales Incentives, Inc. [promotional products]
  • Shiva Corporation [hardware + software]
  • Sunburst Publishing [educational books]
  • Thinking Machines [data mining software]
  • Virtual, Inc. [marketing agency]


The things you are passionate about are not random; they are your calling.

My grandfather's businesses were successful because he instinctively knew exactly how to present a quality product to his target market in a memorable way.  If I had a dollar for every time a dozen donuts became a 'baker's dozen' - as if that customer was the only person who had ever deserved such a heartfelt tribute - I would be busy managing my investments today!

While I did not inherit his sometimes military-like mannerisms (he was, indeed, a proud veteran), I have managed to build a great deal upon the gifts of his wisdom.  That's how, over years of aspiration, the StratEval - and this business - were created.

I love what I do, and I revel in the process.  There's nothing more satisfying than facing a challenging business situation, and then presenting a StratEval to one of my clients and seeing their reactions, having my gift - my art - validated.  Knowing that I've established a credible and mutually beneficial relationship is powerfully gratifying.

StratEvals is a business born of a lifetime of end-to-end experiences. Learning, managing, problem-solving. leading.  Let us help you improve your bottom line and attain your goals. Your success is our success.