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StratEval Essential


The Essential package includes a comprehensive review of your business utilizing our proprietary evaluation methods.  Our process includes conference call(s), in-person meeting(s), and a thorough review of identified criteria [e.g. website, collateral, marketing plans and campaigns, social media, advertising, signage, menus, competitive landscape, management, leadership, and more/depending on your type of business].  You receive a confidential report featuring identified advantages, strengths, vulnerabilities, and areas of deficiency.  The Best part?  You don't need to wait months - or even weeks - for your results.  Once your focal meeting is complete, you will receive your report in just days.  

The Essential is everything you need to create a growth plan.

StratEval Momentum


Choosing the Momentum package allows your business to capitalize on your StratEval findings. Working with your consultant, you rank the most critical business issues. We then create a detailed proposal plan according to your budget and in-house capacity. 

This is where the magic happens.

StratEval Premiere +


Premiere+ goes boldly where no common proposal package has gone before, eclipsing expectations.  We add 10-15 hours of project management consulting to execute program points, create deliverables, or even launch a social media plan.  

The StratEval Premiere + package is the most comprehensive offer in the Boston business consulting market.

Let's create something memorable together.